Man, I love that one Disney movie


That opens up with chanting in a different language



With the royal family



And the adorable children



And the tragic death(s)



And then our hero runs away



And sings a really catchy song about being free



Without realizing that the kingdom is in ruins



And is being ruled by a villain who wants to be king



A villain who is really good at causing guilt trips





And so our hero goes back



And they all live happily ever after



It’s such a great movie





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This is fucked up
This fucked me up

what the…how the fuck? what the fuck?

Preference #94 Slow Dance

Harry: Some old slow song played, all the older couples excusing themselves from tables to sway on the wooden floor. Your eyes watched as an old man extended his hand towards his wife, his loving gaze only on her. He swept her into his arms, and started swaying with the music. “That’ll be us one day,” Harry pipes up, fingers reaching for yours. A smile flutters on your face with the thought of growing old with Harry. “It’s nice how even after all those years, their husbands are still romantic,” you speak, watching them dance around the room. “C’mon,” Harry says abruptly, “Let’s go join them.” His head tilts towards the dance floor, his dimples in full effect. You nod, taking his hand as he guides the two of you to the dance floor, in the middle of all the old couples. His hands fit like a glove on your waist; yours curling around his buttoned-up neck.

Niall: His fingers tapped nervously against his thigh; the beat of the song and the spiked punch finally encouraging him to ask you to dance. He approached you and your group of girlfriends, their voices hushing when he said hello. “Care to dance?” You nodded, gripping his outstretched hand. He led you to the middle of the crowd, ready for the beat to carry through his body. But, the techno beat slipped into a slow song. Everyone on the dance floor started coupling up; boys’ hands slipping onto girls’ waists, their dates heads slotting against their tuxed chest. Niall looks at you awkwardly, reaching back to scratch his neck. You take this opportunity, and wrap your hands around his neck. He looks stunned as you say, “We’re going to dance, right?” “Y-yeah,” he breathes, hands shakily finding your waist. You give him a warm smile, swaying to the music.

Louis: “You look beautiful tonight,” Louis whispers into your ear. His hand cradled your waist, the other fitted stunningly between yours. All eyes were on the two of you as the music played gracefully around the venue. Just a little over two hours ago, you said “I do” to the man of your dreams, surrounded by crying family members and friends. “Thank you,” you smile, a warm blush rushing on your cheeks. Even after four years together, he still knows how to make you blush. Louis looks at you; the twinkle is his blue eyes bursting. “First slow dance as husband and wife,” he says out of disbelief. His hand leaves your waist briefly, twirling you around, your dress coming to life. “First slow dance as Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson,” you say. Louis smiles, leaning down to place a kiss on your lips.

Liam: It was a clear night, the stars were out and the moon was high. A pile of blankets and pillows was surrounding Liam and you as you two sat outside. It had seemed like years since you had had Liam to yourself, and boy were you enjoying every minute of it. There was faint music playing in the background, the smell of spring in the air. The song changed and a familiar song wafted through the air. “This was the song my parents had their first dance to,” you voice. “Well,” he says standing up, “will a gorgeous lady accompany me to this dance?” You look for any hint of jokingness in his face, but it’s as serious as a bearded-smile could be. You respond by standing up infront of him, your hand finding their way to his and the back of his neck. Your head rested against his chest as he hummed the tune, happy to have this slow dance with you.

Zayn: He was ten; you were nine. Stuck at some fancy parties where the only other kids there were, were sneaking bottles of liquor back to their parents’ cars. His tie was a little too tight, his gray suit a bit too big; your puffy pink dress sparkling against the lighting. Some of the adults were standing with large chutes of champagne, laughing at stories that didn’t even seem remotely funny. Others had abandoned their fizzy liquids to dance with their others to the slow song that played. Zayn’s young, brown eyes found yours, “It’s boring. Let’s go dance!” He grabbed your hand and the two of you raced to the floor, dozens of legs in your eyesight. Both of you looked around, watching the adults sway with the music. “Let’s dance like them!” you suggested. Zayn nodded, stiffly putting his arms at your side. “Like this?” “No silly, put your arms on my waist!” Zayn’s tongue sticks out as he adjusts his arms, yours settling on his shoulders. “Now what?” he asks. “Just copy them!” So the two of you start swaying side-to-side, eventually getting the hang of it. The adults near you two stopped to watch, as did the rest of them. By the time the song ended, the whole room was watching you and Zayn slow dance.

Hiiiii so I know I’ve been absolute shit when it comes to posting prefs recently, and I’m so sorry for it. Promise one (maybe two) tonight!


looking for a boy taller than 5’8 who will take me to parties and punch other boys for me 




Oh Hank…

True story…he killed some old dude right in front of Hazel and Gus.

That’s actually not THAT far off from my original ending.

Title: Lost
Artist: Liam Payne
Played: 54508 times